Monday, April 24, 2017

Semana 58 - More mangos, tamales, and missionary activity!

Hello, hello! 

I've gotten to a point in my mission where my home and family feel like distant memories, and it seems like my mission has always been and always will be my life.  However, the time is flying fast this transfer, and my compa's fighting against coming to terms with only having 3 weeks left.  I am fighting against it as well, because honestly, Hermana Arellano has been my companion for more than half of my time here in Chiapas.  It's crazy! 

Some highlights from this week: Monday – Hermana Florecita called us and told us that her mango tree was loaded with mangos and that we had to come over and pick some.  We ended up cleaning her patio as well, but she sent us home with like 30+ mangos, so it was so worth it.

On Tuesday it rained (sprinkled), and I couldn't believe it! We ate Chilauiles, which is a tortilla-based food.  It seems like you fry tortillas in oil and then cover it with salsa and cream. It was pretty good. Plus 2 different less active members gave us jello.  Score!  :o)  

On Wednesday we spent some time at the Dr.'s office for Hermana Arellano. Then we took off for a Primary Missionary Activity.  We taught about Ammon, a great missionary from the Book of Mormon, and how they can be missionaries to their friends.  It turned out well, and the majority of them were investigators and less active children.  Woo! 

On Thursday we had to help out a sister in our zone with Samonella.  A member gave us Tamarindo to make yummy water :o)  and Hermana Florecita gave us more mangos.  She has a stick with a bag attached to the end so we can stand on the roof or balcony and pick the mangos with her fruit picker.  We have eaten many mangos this week. :o)  Plus, Hermana Mari saw us in the street and gave us Chalupas.  Honestly the members and investigators here are so good to us; they are always trying to feed us.  It's pretty great!  

On Friday we did companion exchanges with the sisters in Mactumatza.  I was with Hermana Zamora in Terrazas. She's in her first transfer,  so it was like being with my hija again.  We had a lot of appointments that fell through, so we ending up talking with many people on the streets.  Woo!  Street contacting isn't exactly my favorite way to meet new people to teach, BUT it's necessary.  We decided to look for a new investigator because it was close by to where we were at, but I couldn't remember who it was.  So, we were trying to find her house when a car pulled up. A woman hopped out and then asked us if we were looking for her.  What?!  It turned out to be exactly who were looking for.  In the evening Hermana Aram gave us tamales. 

Saturday – Hermana Aram gave us tamales again and they had corn in them and were amazing.  

On Sunday we were running around trying to get things done for the Ward Activity we were planning. For the activity, we were going to teach everyone how they can get involved in missionary work.  We were excited though because a family we're working with actually came!  Very exciting stuff.  

The things that used to excite me, like new movies or restaurants or I don't even know... have been replaced with things like when investigators keep their commitments and come to church.  Sometimes I don't mention all the people we visit because its become very normal, but every day aside from the things I mention in my letters we visit people.  We visit new, investigators, we contact and teach people in the streets, in the doorway of their houses, we visits less actives.  Above all, we sing, we sing hymns in the streets, in lessons, in every moment.  We teach people about Christ, who He is, what He did for us, and why they should follow Him.  It's a great work and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do it and for the ways it has changed me.  

I hope you all have a great week and if you haven't seen #Prince of Peace on or go see it.  We've shared this 3 minute video with every thing that breathes because it is honestly beautiful and I love it.  Until next week!

 Primary activity with our future missionaries!


 Companion exchanges with Hermana Banda and Hermana Zamora

Future missionaries!

When Hermana Dangl was 3 years old I was in the Primary Presidency and we did a Missionary Activity.  Now 17 years later she is serving a mission and doing an activity for the primary kids in Mexico.  Her tag says, "Future Sister Missionary." 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Semana 57 - Parable, Easter Eggs, & Baptism

Hello Everybody! This week was busy, busy, busy! The 2nd week in the transfer always has a lot of conferences and everything, but it's all good because I learn a lot. :o) Monday = Free Smoothies, Tuesday = Leadership Council. We talked a lot about goals and working for love instead of numbers. 

We discussed a parable that I really liked, and I'm going to tell (the super short version): "The Parable of the Oranges." There was once a young man who started working for a company at a starting level job, but he longed for more. He wanted a promotedion and to be a supervisor. For 5 years he worked many, long hours so his boys could see that he was a hard worker. Finally, a position opened up, but another employee who had only been with the company for 6 months ended up getting the promotion. The young man was very mad and went to see his boss to complain. When he asked his boss why he hadn't gotten the promotion, his boss told him he'd explain, but first he needed the young man to run an errand for him. The boss told him that he needed to buy some oranges because the boss' wife wanted them. He accepted and went to buy some oranges. When he came back the boss asked the young man what type of oranges he had bought. He said he wasn't sure, but they were oranges for sure. The boss asked him how much it had cost. Again, the young man wasn't sure, but passed over the receipt and the change. 

The boss then asked him to take a seat and called in the employee who had gotten the promotion. He asked for the same thing... to get oranges for his wife. The employee left and when he returned, the boss asked him what type of oranges he had bought. "Well," he said "There were many types, Naval, Valencia, Mandarin , and many more. I remembered that you wanted them for your wife so I called her. She told me she was going to make juice for a party. So, I asked a store worker which one was best for orange juice. I was told that the Valencia is very sweet and juicy so that's the one I bought." The boss then asked him how much it cost him. "Well," he said, "That was another problem. I called your wife again and asked her how many people she was expecting for the party. She said 20 and then I asked the store worker again how many oranges I would need for OJ for 20 people. He told me 35, now normally the oranges cost 75 cents each, but I asked if they would give me a discount for buying in bulk and they did! They cost only 50 cents each. I already dropped off the oranges with your wife and she was very pleased. Here's your receipt and change." The boss dismissed his employee and turned to the young man. The man only said, "I understand" and slowly walked back to his desk. I loved this parable. It shows us so much about initiative and working for the objective instead of working to complete a task. 

On Wednesday, we had a normal day, but we also got to help a less active family use foam poster board to make reminders to pray every day, read the scriptures and go to church. It was fun! 

On Thursday, we were informed, like 2 seconds before we needed to be there, that we would be having interviews with President George. I love interviews though, because basically the whole zone chills out at the mission home, waits for their turn, and Hermana George usually makes food. We finished the brownies in the fridge, so she helped us make more. :o) For lunch we ate pozole (traditional soap) with pozol (traditional drink). Plus we taught Abril a marathon lesson to get her ready for her baptism. My family sent me a care package with two sets of Easter Resurrection Eggs that my mom made to donate to the Primary. They were so excited to have them, so they can reuse them every year. There was also an egg dying kit, Girl Scout Cookies, and other fun goodies. We also stopped by Wal-mart to buy donuts for the zone, but when we got to the register, we found out that we had no money. Oops!

On Friday we had to pass by for the donuts, and it made us late (oops again) to Zone Conference. Afterwards we had Abril's interview. Whoo!! Saturday=Baptism! :o) Everything went well! Hermana Arellano and I sang, "He Sent His Son" for the special number. Then we went out and bought eggs, because we dyed Easter Eggs. Hermana Arellano thought I was a little crazy, honestly but she helped. We didn't hard boil them though and handled them verrry carefully. :o) 

On Sunday we went to church, and I thought none of our investigators were going to come. So I prayed for a miracle, and God gave us one! Plus it turned out that Abril's sister doesn't have records of her baptism either, so we have to baptize her again as well. Abril was confirmed, and at night we went out with the Dominguez's to visit around. It was a successful week. :o) I hope you all had a great Easter. 

Con amor, Hermana Dangl 

 Hermana Dangl's Easter Egg 

They dyed 30 eggs very carefully that were NOT hard boiled and we were        successful. 

  Hermana Dangl & Arellano at Leadership Council

Hermana Dangl with missionaries from Ecuador. 

  The Tuxtla Temple with the sunset! 


Zona Mactumatza

Hermana Nelson, my MTC Companion, and Hermana Dangl 

 Baptism of Abril 

 Loca = Crazy 

 Loquisima = Super Crazy & Desperada = Desperate

This was on the Mission President's Facebook page.  "Hna Arellano and Dangl pointing at their pictures on the board. Those on top go home next transfer and those at the bottom just arrived."

This was on the Mission President's Facebook page. "In our meetings we practice leading the music. The members think these missionaries know everything. This is a way to teach them to lead music." He posted a video of them leading all together, it was so fun to see Katelynne (far left with her companion). They also recited 4 things in unison:  Doctrine and Covenants Section 4, the missionary purpose, the area vision, area promise, and Bruce R McConkie's "Missionary Commission."

La comisión misional
Soy llamado por Dios. Mi autoridad es superior a la de los reyes de la tierra. Por revelacion he sido seleccionado como representante personal del Señor Jesucristo. El es mi Maestro y el me ha escogido para que lo represente. Para ponerme en su lugar, decir y hacer lo que el mismo diria y haria si el estuviera administrando a las mismas personas aquienes me ha enviado. Mi voz es su voz, sus actos son mis actos. Y su doctrina es mi doctrina. Mi comision es hacer lo que el quiere que se haga para decir lo que el quiere que sea dicho. Para ser un testigo moderno en palabra y hecho de la divinidad de su gran y maravillosa obra de los ultimos dias.

 I found a great website with Spanish materials to make the Resurrection Eggs. 

                           The care package the family sent Hermana Dangl.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Semana 56 - We choose our own happiness

Happy Monday!

I want to start by thanking all the people who faithfully read my letters... thank you all for your prayers and support. The mission is a journey, and I don't think I could do it without everyone back home who's rooting for me. Thank you! This week was the first one of the transfer, so I'm on to my 3rd transfer here in Terrazas (in Tuxtla, Gutierrez.)  I'm actually not totally sure what happened this week. It was a weird one! We did have a huge miracle though! 

Monday was just a normal P-day with nothing really special happening. On Tuesday, we basically waited the whole day at the bus station for the new sister missionaries who were coming to our zone. Hermana Nelson (my companion in the MTC) and I talked for a really long time catching up on a YEAR'S worth of things. I imagine it'll be like that when I come home as well. 

Wednesday started off as a normal day until after our English classes. So during the class, the Bishop asked us to come to his office when we finished. So we did, and he introduced us to a young woman and told us, "Hermanas this is April and she wants to be baptized!" She had been baptized as a young girl, but her records had been lost because she had been less active for basically her whole life. Now, she wants to be baptized again and let me tell you, Hermana Arellano and I were more than happy to help her out. 

On Thursday we had a funny lesson with a less active part member family where the dad explained to us that worms are actually really healthy and his son basically fell out of his chair when he heard that and we laughed so hard.  

On Friday we were walking to an appointment when we passed an open window with a woman lying on her bed. We asked if we could sing her a hymn, and she passed us the keys to the front door and told us to come in. What?! So we opened the door and came in and it turned out that she's been ridden for the past 13 years and was more than happy to talk with us. 

On Saturday we visited more people as well, including a woman who teaches Catholic children in her church. It was a tiring day, then it was Sunday=church! In Gospel Principles this week we taught about the Second Coming and I learned a TON of stuff that was super interesting. We contacted a lot and have a few new investigators we're excited to teach. 

All in all, it was a pretty normal week. I learned a lot this week about how to be happy and our purpose here on earth. My mission has made me a really strong believer in that we choose our own happiness. When we love and serve others, have faith in Christ, and are obedient, we can be happy in spite of our circumstances. I've seen in my companion as well, as she suffers a lot from her hernias yet is a happy person because she chooses to be, even though it's hard. We all have a divine nature and infinite potential, but it's up to us to act! It's up to us to choose. No one said it was easy, but the best things in life usually require a little bit of patience and some elbow grease. Our lives will never be exactly how we want them to be, but they'll be how they're meant to be, and that's what's important! I hope you all have a great week! 

Con amor, Hermana Dangl 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Semana 55 - General Conference, Adventures, & 1 of 70,000

Hola, hola! 

Many things happened this week, and it was a busy one. We had a few adventures though! On Monday, after all of our normal p-day activities (washing, cleaning, buying, writing) we had Adventure #1: We got locked out of our house. We called one of the members who is a carpenter and is also a handyman. He brought his whole crew (he employs youth that work with him that always start out as non-members but end up as members) so they were all fiddling with the door. The good news is that it's hard to break into our house... we ended up having to wait a bit for a locksmith to come and open the door. But we got in! 

On Tuesday, we had Adventure #2: We went to the Tuxtla Zoo as part of a Multi-zone Activity. It was super jungley, and there were a ton of crocodiles, monkeys, birds, and not much else actually, but that's okay! It was fun, and I got to wear jeans for a little bit, which hasn't happened in a while. We had a conference afterwards. President George and the assistants taught us a ton of stuff. After that, we all ate carne and drank pozol. 

For Wednesday, we didn't have an adventure, but Hermana Silvia did call us in the morning and told us she had a reference for us. She gave us an address and told us to show up. Okay, maybe it qualifies as Adventure #2.5. I think she wanted us to show up super casual and be like "Wow, look who happened to be here! The Missionaries!" We were running late and came in a taxi and it was definitely not casual. Oh well, we taught E and J as well and we always have super powerful lessons with them. I love it! They told us that they feel a peace when we visit them that doesn't have a price ---it was really special. 

On Thursday we had Adventure #3: Companion Exchanges! I was in Real del Bosque with Hermana Luna, and I swear the whole area is a series of little hills set on a big hill. It went well though! I've learned a lot from the companion exchanges. 

On Friday for Adventure #4, we had a district meeting! Then we ran a million errands (doctor, baptism, food, mission home), which ended with us getting home super late.

Saturday Adventure #5: General Conference! Whoo! ( plus a million stomach butterflies, because it was the last Saturday of the transfer which means... Transfers! It was a close one because Hermana Arellano is almost finished with her mission and this would be her last transfer. She's already been in Terrazas for 6 months, but she also has had some health problems... but the news is... we're staying together! :o) Woo! It's our 5th transfer together. Plus they're closing my district leader's area and replacing them with sisters. Hermana Nelson, my companion from the MTC, is coming and she'll be in my district! I'm so stoked! It also means that now we have 5 companionships of sisters to take care of instead of 4. We're going to be a bit more busy... but that's okay! In total, there will be 12 Hermanas in the zone, 2 are new and will be in their 1st transfer, and I was the Sister Training Leader when I was in Mapastepec. I think President George does it to keep us humble. Three have been my companions before, Hermana Nelson, Hermana Limon, and Hermana Arelllano and I'm only missing 2! 

Sunday Adventure #6: General Conference again! (!!!) We went outside during it, because an investigator texted us and told us that she'd gotten lost. While we helped her find the building, we found another investigator who had showed up but didn't want to enter alone... small miracle! 
The transfer is over and we've starting a new one. All I can think of is, "count your blessings." I think that's the biggest thing that my mission has opened my eyes to. How blessed we are! Be grateful and trust in God. I am grateful to be one of the 70,000 full time missionaries currently serving all around the world. The work is awesome and the gospel is true! 

Love you all! Con amor, Hermana Dangl

P.S. Watch General Conference to hear from a living prophet and apostles of God! :o)

I am grateful to be one of the 70,000 full time missionaries currently serving all around the world. 

In 1990-92 when Jeff and Sherrilynne were serving their missions there were               44,000 missionaries.

 Our district!! LA SALLE

 Can you spot the Mexican flag in the picture?

 We get to be together again for another 6 weeks! :o)

 Hermanas Banda, Behymer, Aguileram, Arellano, and Dangl

Hermana Arellano, Connolly, and Banda- don't climb on the walls!

 Hermana Arellano and Dangl with a crocodile.

 Hermana  Arellano with the raccoons.


 Hermana Dangl and a spider monkey. 

 Two friends on a log... but how long did it take for the turtle to get there!?

 Hermanas Dangl, Limon, Connolly, and Banda.

 Hermana Dangl and Arellano with a puma.

 Hermana Dangl & Arellano standing by a stuffed crocodile.

 Hermana Dangl y Connolly

 Hermana Dangl and Connolly with a map of Chiapas.

 Us at the zoo! "ZOO MAT" 

 With the zone (partial)

District Meeting