Monday, July 10, 2017

Semana 69 - 60 degrees, Book of Mormon in a month, & miracles happen

Hi Everyone,

I used to think that the time was flying by but now I think it’s going at the speed of light.  It’s impossible to slow down!  I’m getting used to Comitan though little by little.  This week was “cold” and I realized that I’m basically going to freeze to death when I go back to Utah because “cold” here is like 60 degrees.  Some bullet points for the week.

  • We went to Trinitaria, a colony about 25 minutes from Comitan.  We visited a less active and then started looking for more less actives.  We weren’t having luck though so by a stroke of inspiration we went to the Post Office and asked for their help.  It turns out that all of the people we were looking for live super far away, very sad.

  • Hermana Diaz  and I had an in tune with the spirit moment when we were both walking and talking but stopped at the same moment, looked at each other and turned around to contact a teenager who was smoking a cigarette in front of the liquor store.  I asked him when was the last time that he had felt peace and he said, “never.”  My heart broke a bit for him . . the Gospel is so awesome because Peace is exactly what it offers to all people.  #PrinceofPeace

  • District Meeting!  My first one here. . . they announced some changes in the mission. . . now we can drink Coca-Cola!  What?!  I don’t even like it that much but we had to drink one to celebrate.  Also they’re going to give us a huge map to cover our whole wall, basically.   We learned a lot though about how to be better missionaries.  It’s easy to blame lack of success on everything or everyone else except yourself. . . the area, the members, the time of year, the climate. . . but the best missionaries make the best out of what they have and find success.  I think it’s a principle that applies with life as well . . . we can accept the circumstances of our lives or we can change them.

  • As a Zone we’re going to read the whole Book of Mormon in a month . . . that’s 23 pages a day!  We are underlining in purple every time the Lord promises us something . . . it’s actually really cool to see just how many promises there are when we are obedient. 

  • We’re in the church choir and are going to sing in a Multi-Religious Event.  They say that the Catholics always win and it’s possible that it’ll be true this year as well but we’ll see.

  • And our miracle of the week was finding JL.  We were stopped on the sidewalk because we were lost and a man approached us and asked us who we were and if we could teach him . . . He went to church on Sunday and we visited him in the afternoon, and we invited him to be baptized.  He has gone to many different churches but he told us that when he partook of the sacrament he felt peaceful and calm and knew that it was the true church.  So when we popped the question . . he said, “When will I be prepared?” MIRACLES ARE REAL, and God totally prepares His children and puts us (and them!) in the right place at the right time. :o)

I’m doing well, I’m getting accustomed to my area, companion, the house, the climate and everything and praying for more miracles!  I hope you all have a great week!  

Con amor, Hermana Dangl 

 Hermana Dangl's Zone 

 They are allowed to drink Coca-Cola now. 

 Her new planner for her new area. 

 I subbed as Jeffrey's Primary teacher and the lesson was on Missionaries so I had the kids write Hermana Dangl a letter. 

Hermana Dangl's new Mission President and his wife are the couple in the center.

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