Monday, July 17, 2017

Semana 70 - Karaoke Fun, Miracles, and Goals

Hi Everyone,

This week was so busy, and we had a lot going on! Honestly I have no clue how we get through the week sometimes and suddenly it’s Monday and it all starts over again.  Recap of the week! 

  • We’ve been working a lot with E, but it has been super hard because he really wants to be baptized, but is battling a lot of addictions.  Addictions stink, it’s so much better to not even start with those things because I’ve seen how it ruins people’s lives and causes so much suffering.  We are doing all we can to help though. 

  • English classes have started here in Comitan!  It was great and afterwards, our Ward Mission Leader bought us pizza and Coke . . now that we can drink Coke everyone wants to give it to us. 

  • We had interviews with President Dorman!  We were there all day because they taught us a lot of things and we had interviews for the whole zone.  It went super well though and I learned a lot. 

  • We taught one of our investigators who always has a million deep question, but we love it because we learn as well as we answer them. 

  • We looked for a referral we received but instead we found his mom . . she received us well and after we left we went to eat with a member.  Then 5 minutes later she showed up as well.  What?!  God’s hand is in all things. 

  • Missionary Activity!  We did karaoke and had members, investigators, and less actives come.  It turned out well but I’m learning that Mormon Standard Time is a huge issue here and everyone arrived like an hour late.  It was fun and the food was good, we prepared it, and our investigators who came, all sang!  There were a lot of Spanish love songs sung and it was quite an experience. 
  • You know you live in Mexico when you eat tacos de cabeza de cerdo for Sunday dinner (pig head tacos) haha. I asked after I ate it just exactly what in it.. I was told that it was a fun mix of ear, snout, head and eyes. It was pretty good though so I can't complain... 

  • We continue singing in the choir, It turns out that the Multi Religious is actually a pretty big deal so more people came this week than last week. Haha
  • We left to look for a new investigator that we are teaching, but it was kind of dark and we were having trouble finding his house.  We stopped to contact someone instead of continuing to walk and thanks to that, we were there in that spot for the exact time that the investigator took to leave his house. We would have walked right by the house and kept walking!  Afterwards, we were waiting for a bus so we could get back home and a taxi driver who is a member of the other branch gave us a lift! Talk about good timing . . . small miracles!
  • This week was actually a bit rough - we have set the goal to baptize 32 people this month as a zone. ahh!!! The second we set the goal, Satan started working sooooo hard against us, seriously.  The whole zone started having all kinds of problems with investigators and companionships and everything. Whyyyyy?  We have been facing a lot of opposition here in Comitan.... but I know that the Lord is preparing something big for this city and for all the people who live here. Miracles are real and still happen! WE CAN DO THIS! 
  • I am doing well and am excited for everything that my mission still has in store for me!! 
Con amor, Hermana Dangl

 SUPER COOL the sun!!! Did you see this back home?

 Lunch with our Zone.

  Lunch with Pres. and Srs. Doman.

 Las Hermanas with Srs. Doman.

 Getting ready for our conference. 

Preparing for the Ward Activity.


 Hermana Dangl with a child at the activity.

Hermana Diaz, Hermana Dangl, and Hermana Lopez 

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